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Also known as the Mother Teresa Street, this was originally a burial ground and presently one of the most important places of Kolkata. This is also known as the 'Food street' or the 'Street which never sleeps'. This is the place where most of the oubs and restaurants of Kolkata are situated and has been an entertainment square of Kolkata for many years now. There are also a number of important buildings here such as the St. Xaviers' Church and College, the Asiatic Society Building, The South Park Cemetery and the 7th Century Aventist Church. The region stretches from Chowringee Road to Park Circus and is also a place which was a favourite during the British Era of Calcultta. You will still be able to see a lot of buildings of the British Era standing strong here. This place is such that you get the real essence of charming Kolkata here.
Ruchi Jain
It is the hub for various famous hotels and restaurants including bluefox, barbeque, oasis, one step up, Yo China, Flury's, KFC, McD, and is filled with mansions including Queen's mansion and is one of the entertainment zone of the city as the night life is really happening.
Titas Bose
Park Street is the heart of Kolkata, with its variety of cuisines and the pretty giftshops. Buildings like St. Xaviers College and Stephen Court are remnants of the British rule here.
Tejasvini Viraj
I love this place because of the plethora of eating options it offers.It has tasty food options for every budget.And also, the vibrancy of this place pulls you towards itself.