Ko Phi Phi Khok Yang Krabi Thailand 1/undefined by Tripoto

Ko Phi Phi Khok Yang Krabi Thailand

Beach. Party. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat. Koh Phi Phi (4 days and half your liver) So you’ve found yourself back down in Bangkok, but after all the culture and history lessons some girls just need to let their hair down! You’re in Thailand, baby, the place where beaches are stunning and the sun is out! If you’re low on time, grab a cheap flight from Bangkok to Krabi, then a ferry over to the picturesque party island of Koh Phi Phi. Lounge on the beach soaking up the sweet rays or jump on a longtail boat over to Maya Bay, where The Beach was filmed. Unfortunately, Leo isn’t there waiting for you but it is a sight to behold! When the dusk creeps in, so do the neon singlets and cocktail buckets. Beach parties at night reign supreme and are a heap of fun, just don’t be seduced into participating in the burning skipping ropes of fire. Too many insurance claims lie in wait with that kind of ‘fun’. If that’s too hectic for you, go to the other side of the island which is a whole lot quieter and chilled out. Peak season can make this island a bit intense sometimes. Before you leave, take the hike up to the lookout point in the centre to get panoramic views of the island. The perfect way to bid farewell to the partying paradise!
Maya Bay, also known as ‘The Beach’ is one of Thailand’s most famous tourist attractions. It is very beautiful and is easy to think of yourself as part of the film. Only downside is the amount of tourist’s that it attracts, however get there early and you will beat most of the crowds. Koh Phi Phi itself is an amazing chilled out island with amazing beaches, chilled out vibe and water so blue you would think someone has painted the ocean.