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Krabi Noi

Sheetal Jain
I recently finished a 5-day visit to Krabi, Thailand. If this City is on your bucket list it might be meaningful to read on. This will give you an input for visiting this magical virgin beaches.
Karbi is known for its unmatched natural splendor. Great place to relax and the pace is unhurried .It’s located on southern Thailand's east coast. Krabi's landscape is undulating and dotted with hills and mountains.Places of Interest
When you think about Karbi, there’s limited things to think about. You can pick from major attraction like Railay Beaches and Caves, Phi Phi Islands, Temple in a Cave at Wat Tham Sua,Four Island Tour, Emerald Pool, Klong Thom Hot Springs, Shop at Night market, party at Ao Nang Beach. However in Karbi, many of beaches can only be reached by boats. One can rent Bike, car to roam around the village. I urge to take a Tuk-Tuk ride for few places like night market ,cave temple ,Ao nang Beach which will be not so cheap but an interesting option.
The one who loves adventure can enjoy Kayaking, sailing, birdwatching, snorkelling, island hopping and sightseeing .
Climate & Weather Krabi has a tropical monsoon climate. It was sunny and hot when I visited Krabi in July 18.. Hey but weather can change in blink of an eye from sunny Hot to cloudy dark..
How to reach
Daily flights from Mumbai to Krabi.Approx fare in d range of 17000/- to 25000/- per person.
The trip could be relaxing, suit your wants and needs; whether you're the type of couple that wants to explore most beautiful beaches or best buddies who are nightlife party spree or for an outgoing sun seeking adventure bound tourist it’s a place of rife.
where to stay
You can pick from available options to stay around beach areas of Ao Nang, Rai Ley and Phra Nang with some local hotels in the provincial capital, Krabi town.
I opted for Klong Muang,which has shown up recently on tourist radar; is a tranquil and tropical district located 12 Km north of Ao Nang. It retains most of its genuine southern Thainess and peaceful and natural retreat; with the only the odd cluster of luxurious, world-class resorts. I stayed in elegant Nakamnda Resort and Spa, located on the stunning harbor with spectacular view of the pristine blue water of Andaman Sea and impressive view of limestone rocky mountains scattered in backdrop.Day 1
As I landed on Sunday noon, I did not want to miss an opportunity to visit night market, which is held on every weekends. To my relief our Resort has arranged transfer for us. Strolling along the walking street is most authentic experience to get insight of local Thai Culture.One of its Kind Experience.
The market is set up in tents or in the open space. Walking street is rich stash for a zealous shopper. It showcased array of handicrafts made by locals.Local Artists were demonstrating Thai art & crafts and spectacular paintings of striking Krabi’s beaches.Live musical performance with hand cooked Authentic Thai food, though I can’t taste it as am 100% Vegetarian. Since majority of population is Muslim, you will find variety of non-vegetarian food stall at night Market. I have to satisfy my hunger with freshly cooked Phad Thai, to which I need to add lot of chillies to satisfy my Indian taste buds. You will surprise to see lots of decorated Bamboos arranged by few shops, however it was famous Bamboo drink..For desert I tried Coconut Ice – Cream, Only one stall sells it and is famous for its perfect palate.Day 2:
As I was on a schedule and have a list of things which I want to do and places I want to see, I opted for Jungle day tour covering Emerald Pool, Klong Thom Hot Springs, Temple in a Cave at Wat Tham Sua and elephant ride in jungle, which was offered by Resort. However to my disappointment thou tours covers most of the points but it’s just touch and go. Tours does not give enough time to enjoy the stillness of the moment.
Klong Thom Hot Springs are set inside beautiful rainforest. Thermal spring’s water contains natural mineral salts that have many healing properties. Hot Springs are crafted as hot tubs, the sensation of water is utterly relaxing and the environment is certainly unique.After I finished hydrotherapy bath, I headed for a trip to the crystal or emerald pool to soak up in naturally warm and completely clear water. Emerald Pool is in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, an unusual lowland forest rich in bio-diversity, complete with a nature trail and a crystal pond.Well-trodden forest path provides lush age-old trees stretching up to the sky and limestone foothills that open onto a dazzling emerald pool. If you wish to enjoy the occurrence of rare spices and plants, natural trail should be taken leisurely, though bustled as a major tourist attraction.Temple in a Cave at Wat Tham Sua is spiritual experience in almighty natural surroundings. I spend some time exploring the lower levels before taking the challenging climb up. Legend has it that a tiger once made the main cave his home. This gave the temple its name, Wat (temple) Tham (cave) Sua (tiger). The temple is a burrow of natural limestone caves formed inside at the foot of an impressive cliff. There are still tiger footprints on the floor of the lower templeIt took me to surprise when our tour guide mentioned that after visiting lower level we are proceeding for elephant ride. I was dumbstruck when I understood that itinerary does now not allow to climb up to see the extraordinary view of Andaman Sea from Top.
As weather was unpredictable and changed to stormy rains we had to cancel our elephant ride. Though I booked tour with great expectations at the end it turned out to complete displeasure, hence I decided to go by myself next day to Temple in a Cave at Wat Tham Sua and experience the panoramic view of emerald blue water of Adndaman Sea.
Day 3:
I planned my visit early in the morning to avoid midday sun. To avoid snatching by Monkey’s enroute, I deposited my bag at office at entrance. To reach up to the ‘footprint of the Buddha’, I had to climb 1,237 steps up the limestone tower. The climb was strenuous and steps are uneven and steep jutting up the mountain.
But when you reach at top it was a worthy and breathe taking view. I was mesmerized with panoramic 360 degree views which encompasses the Andaman Sea, dramatic limestone cliff formations, and verdant rainforests. Also discovered ‘the Buddha’s footprint’ that lies on the terrace.
It takes around 3 hours to complete the trip to the top. It was very exhausting but fulfilling at the same time.As it was FIFA world cup finale between France – Croatia, I took some rest and ventured out to nearby Irish Bar which was hosting the live screening. All FIFA enthusiastic were gathered to cheer their respective teams with glass of chilled beer. It was unexpected victory by France Team over the fierce Croatian TeamDay 4
I experienced tranquility socking in the phenomenal Sun set..
The sun, a fiery ball, looks like it’s gradually fading into the waters of Andaman Sea. The canvas of sky filled with an assortment of shades of reds, oranges and yellows, reflection of which mirrored on water. The waves are tinted vermilion, with stripes of blue that clash with it. As I stand before the magnificent sight, wherein the streaks formed between the dark decorated water and radiant sky feels like horizon is meeting with two worlds – The Known and The Unknown.Slowly I sat down on the sand, breeze of soft wind whispers in my ear as it plays with my hair, as if singing lull bells and cuddling with gentle goose bumps. Now what I can hear is the sound of the waves as they crash against the shore, and squawking of seagulls in far distance. Cold, salty waves are dodging my feet as if asking me to play hide and seek.As I look back into the horizon again, the sun has almost set. The sky is darker in shade emphasizing the transition from day to night. I start to walk back, noticing the different hues when stare at the sky.If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields, has the power to move you, if the simple things of Nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.
—Eleonora Duse
Day 5
Nothing much was planned because of rough sea, hence decided to pamper myself with Thai massage at Resort..It was soo rejuvenating that felt so relaxed and clam.. Therapists strong fingers moved on body as if they are playing music to sooth ur muscles..
PS: There are too many massage centre in and around Klong Muang...
After massage I was too lazy to go anywhere, hence decided to sock myself the world of fiction..Tips:
1. Klong Muang doesn’t exactly host a huge choice of standalone dining, shopping and nightlife options, but does have enough good venues for those looking to venture out from the comfort of their hotel or resort.
I recommend Irish Bar which is walking distance from Nakamanda Resort and spa for cocktail ????????
2. Do not depend on Tour, plan your our trips.
3. Tuk-Tuk costs around 300 B one way to visit Ao Nang Beach.. Negotiate for fare.
Tho Ao Nang is crowded beach ???? but has variety of restaurants to enjoy ur drinks..
4. For vegetarians getting food would be a problem..
5. VISA on arrival is available for Indian travelers for 2000 B however it's advisable to apply visa through Embassy in India before entry as it's for 1000 B
6. For Railay Beach take a share boat from Ao Nang for 300 B to 400B Per person.