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International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT)

Abhinaw Chauhan
This fascinating memorial and museum complex 1 km above the Naggar castle focuses on the former home of Russian painter and explorer Nicholas Roerich and his wife Elena Roerich. They settled here in 1928 and stayed until his death in 1947. The house's lower floor displays some of Nicholas' landscape paintings many depicting Himalayan mountains and paintings by the couple's son Svetoslav Reorich, while the upper floor preserves some of the private rooms you can only look in through the windows. In the scenic hillside gardens are Nicholas' samadhi (tomb) and an exhibit on Svetoslav Reorich and his wife, the Indian film star Devika Rani.
Abhinaw Chauhan
The International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT) was founded in 1992-93. The Government of India and the Government of Himachal Pradesh to preserve and promote the heritage of the outstanding Russian family of the Roerichs and develop the holy Roerich Estate into a world-class museum, educational, scientific and cultural center.
Upasana Venaik
We cross checked everything, packing done, breakfast done. We had to catch 3pm HRTC bus from manali, but since we had lot of time till afternoon, we decided to explore naggar and kullu. So we left our hotel around 10 am. We first went to naggar art gallery.This gallery has been made to honour Sir Nicholas Roerich art work. He was a russian painter, writer, archeologist, philospher who decided to settle down for the rest of his life in naggar, and made nagger his second home. His art work is said to be hypnotic and once you see you will understand it yourself. He travelled to himalayas to seek spiritual awakening and painted all the places he visited. His art work will mesmerize you for sure. Himachal government and Russian government have formed a trust to run this art gallery as the Roerich heritage museum showcasing  his work. Most of the painting show the beauty of ice covered valleys and peaks during early hours of evening.The artist's private rooms have been preserved in the upper floor of the museum. There are few photos of Nicholas on display here, such as the one with in which he is posing in his front lawn with Jawaharlal Nehru. The entry fee is 50 rs for the gallery. I must say his house is really beautiful, I wonder how lucky he was to have such a beautiful house in one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Timings for visiting the art gallery is  from 9 am to 5 pm except Monday.Climb a little more up not only you will get a better view of naggar but also there is another gallery showcasing the eternity flag history and some more paintings of Nicholas. Did I mention ? You also get to wear some really pretty Himalayan footwear when you enter the previous gallery. There is a souvenir  shop outside the gallery next to German bakery where you can flip through number of books written  by Nicholas Roerich and his son. You can also find some Spiritual books. I ended up buying  a small pocket size book, diary notes about life and art written by his son, Dr. Svetoslav Roerich and it also has pictures of the artwork done by Sir Nicholas Roerich.From here we went to the Naggar castle, the official seat of kings for centuries. This place dates back to 500 years. Now the castle has been converted into a heritage hotel  run by HPTDC. If you  look at the pictures of the castle, it will remind you of the movie Jab We Met. Yes a lot of popular serials also have been shot here. Nagger Castle have some good restaurants inside its premises. You will love the scenic beauty here. The view is really mesmerizing. This place also has a small museum. I will really suggest you instead of planning to stay in manali, take an accommodation  in this castle and have a relaxing getaway. The room rents are also minimal. In the main entrance ancient horns have been displayed for public just like the ones you can spot at Hidimba temple. My mom spotted a lamb, so it was really adorable to hold the lamb and get pictures clicked. The owner charge only 20 rs for as many pictures you can get clicked. Happy me ! The next destination was to an amazing waterfall, located at distance of hardly 15 minutes from naggar castle. The waterfall is famously known as Jogni falls. If you would like to see the origin of the falls, you will have to climb little up. The climbing is not smooth and advisable only if you are wearing sports shoes. The waterfall is amazing and there is a cave right behind the water falling, so if you are in for some adventure or rain dance, surely you will love this place. The weather was really good, it started to rain and just at the end of the fall, you can sit and enjoy maggie, tea, Channa fry and even take a sip of chilled coca cola all thanks to the cold water. The people in Himachal are really kind and tourist season is the main source of income which helps them in surviving harsh winters. So be generous to them, avoid bargaining  as such they are already selling things for the standard price. I really didn't want to leave this little lively spot. It was so refreshing. If I want to summarize, it was heavenly. As we booked our return bus ticket from manali and we were currently  on the way to kullu, so I called to inform the bus driver to pick us from kullu main bus stop.Finally our driver took us to our last destination of this trip that was the shawl factory. There will be many factories on your way to kullu, it depends on the driver  where he stops. This was government run factory and had everything ranging from sweaters,  shawls, warm suit etc. They generally have some offers going on. The purchasing can be done from first floor. The factory is on the ground floor. You can witness live weaving of the shawls by himachal women, a sign of women empowerment. I was happy to take pictures by the time my mom was purchasing stuff. By this time time it started to rain heavily and we could not make it to other tourist spots in kullu. Our driver dropped us near the main kullu bus stop and he was chauvinistic enough to wait till the bus came. I will drop his number at the end of this blog in case you would like to do booking for your trip with him.Journey really didn't end here, no matter what try to occupy window seat to your left on your way back to Delhi, I bet you won't regret. The view of the mountains and the sunset will mesmerize  you so much that himachal will call you back. I was so delighted to witness the sunset, rainbow, changing colors  of the mountains, the sound of beas  river making its way through the valley will never get erased from my memory. I just had a telephonic conversation with my mom that I'm writing manali blog and she asked me to mention about the same bus view in this blog, isn't this surprising ?Once you will witness the same view with your loved ones even you won't be left surprised.  I always believe that it is never about the destination, what matters is your journey to that destination. Manali beauty or in fact himachal beauty is beyond any bloggers writing frame, you really need to witness this to believe in its pure beauty. I had the most memorable time in manali. the clear skies, fresh air, warm people instilled faith in me that we are still alive, we can still coexist in an environment that we all dream of, what is required little changes on daily basis to let this nature nurture. Care for the environment around you and it will love you back in ways that you won't  be able to withhold within  yourself.  Don't pollute the places you travel to especially  with plastic waste. Don't make it so commercialized  that in future you are left with no getaway destination for your summer vacation. Think about it !If you like my blog please kindly like and share. You can also follow me on Instagram for some wonderful pictures @upasana_2407. Else you can check and subscribe  to my blogs as well on you tube "upasana Venaik".Thank you so muchAnd Happy Reading !Hotel name: Apple ParadiseBus: HRCTC A.C. Volvo seaterDriver in manali : kuldeep, GSM: +917018351087.Booking app: