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June - February
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Kheer Ganga

Souvik Roy
We woke up early in the morning, as the trek would be long and tiring. We took a cab from Tosh which took us to a bridge near Barsheini. This is the starting point of the Kheerganga trek.
Sukesh Jain
As it was cold out we were given a room with heater in it with just an 100 rs extra charge. The heater was like ,we had to burn wood logs and it will heat the room, the over all experience was great and the next morning after having tea we trekked down to the base form where we took bus to kasol, reached kasol by 3 pm.
Aditya Saini
Day 3 → Woke up around 9AM, had a light breakfast and we checked out from Kalga to start the Trek to KheerGanga. The trek distance is approx 15 Kms (Difficult, Gruelling, Risky 15Kms) and takes around 5 hours. We were told by the locals that there is no Electricity, no Signals, no Medic Shops in KheerGanga. So, the advisable thing is to put your Mobile phones on Flight Mode to use them as Torch during the Night (ofcourse, you can shut them down if you are not going to click pictures). One Very Interesting thing we were told about was that if you give some eatables to the Dogs there, they will show you the way to KheerGanga through the woods. We thought of putting it to test and gave Biscuits to one of the Dogs near Kalga. Surprisingly, he just started walking in the direction we were initially going, stopped when we took rest & started again as soon as we used to lift our Trekking Bags - Unusual but True. The Trek has rightfully been included in the Most Difficult Treks in India as it took loads out of us to reach the place, after 5.30 hours around 4PM. The First Sight of the Board – “Welcome to KheerGanga” was a candy to the eye. The place is truly a heaven on Earth. Mesmerizing view of the mountains, the environment of the place, the Cold (temperatures drop below 0 degree in the evening). We booked our room at Dharamshala Guest House at an astonishing price of Rs. 100 per person which included the Dinner as well (though there are many Café’s in KheerGanga where you can relax, enjoy good food, dance, sing and thoroughly enjoy yourself). We immediately went for a Bath in the Hot Springs to relax ourselves from the Gruesome Trek. Later, had our Dinner at our nearby Café named Lotus Café. At Night, it becomes extremely cold in KheerGanga. We 5 were given 21 blankets for the night (This Can give you an idea of the atmosphere there during night). The night was uncomfortable because of the Cold and our awful cramps, but we somehow slept.(I need to give special credit to our Director – as except the Locals, we were not able to see a single tourist even near to his age. We can only applaud his accomplishment)
Ayush Singh
Tip : If you are staying in Kalga, you could also keep your heavier bags down at Kalga, and do the trek with basic requirements like a change of clothes, some food, and first aid, and a water bottle.Around the halfway point, there will be this cafe called Shalom Waterfall Cafe beside a huge waterfall. You'll also find these mountain dogs accompanying you on the trek, feed them biscuits whenever you take a break at some cafe. On our way, we experienced and saw rain, shade, forests, a waterfall, and all that nature had to offer.
Sagar Narula
Next day we were out for our next trek ‘The Kheerganga Trek’ our new friends also accompanied us during the whole trek. We were filled with so much of zest that we reached Kheerganga in about 6 hrs. During which we captured a lot of scenic views. The views which cannot be described just by my words or pictures. One must take such an experience at least once in a life. We took a camp in Kheerganga for our night stay where all eyes around us were red. The night was starry with a pleasant view of snow covered mountains. We were shivering to see that beauty. Starry night, with snowcapped mountains looks so magnificent. Next day, we headed back towards our hotel at Kalga. During our return we lost our way in the woods. Then, suddenly out of nowhere a mountain dog appeared and guided us our way back to the track. Since then we termed the mountain dogs as ‘Superdogs’. On Earth there can be no creature more loyal to a human being than those Superdogs. We covered our return journey in about 3.5 hrs.