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Magic valley

Vaishnavi Sharma
Waichin Magic Valley- It is a hidden gem in Himachal which should be on top of bucket list of all the travellers.It is located at a height of 9062 ft above sea level. A 4 Km trek from Malana Village though it is not an easy trek but, Yes it is worth the effort. Snow peaked mountains, flawless waterfalls & Pristine Greenery,Indeed it gives justice to it’s name “Waichin Magic Valley” a place that holds magic in each and every single inch of itself.
Sharayu Bafna
After hours of gasping and having my eyes glued on the mountains, I had my brunch and walked around the beautiful valley. With a heavy heart I had to bid my goodbye and trek down.
Shubhrojyoti Laha
Next day we headed towards Magic valley by booking a cab. At around 3 pm we reached Malana gate and started our trek towards Magic Valley. Around 6 pm we reached Magic Valley campsites. Get freshed and started our bonfire. Then we had our dinner and did our late night gossip upto 1 am.
ritika uniyal
We all woke up by 9am , decided to leave early as our next stop was WHICHIN, MAGIC is as difficult to get down as it is to climb up, but it takes lesser time because you do not get tired easily.As we got to the very gate where we started our trek a day before it felt like an achievement to get up. We rested for a while at the cafe.The magic valley dam is around 4-5km from the gate of malana village. You will have to take a taxi , The taxi will drop you till the DAM.There you will find metal stairs taking you to a road on which you trek to the start of the whichin uphill trek, it is a narrow uphill trek.The start and the end of the trek is difficult , in between you will find yourself in long weed bushes depending on the time of the year you go.As we got to the top we found many campings of all different people , we went to magic valley camping. There tents are quite comfortable , you will not have to sleep in sleeping bags as they have a full bedding within.Cost for one person is around 600-800rs which includes dinner and breakfast.Whichin only consists of camping, which is the best way to experience it , recently a wooden homestay , the owner of that place are from haryana.
Sonal Agarwal
Planning a trip to Kasol and missing out on Waichin Valley is just unfair. Waichin Valley is a 4km trek from Malan Village and offers unlimited views of the mountains. Popularly known as Magic Valley, Waichin Valley is located above the village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh. With its location, snow-peaked mountains, pristine waterfalls and patches of pine and coniferous trees all around, the valley stays true to its name and weaves a magic for travellers. Located at 2700m above the sea level, this Himalayan valley with dramatic landscapes is scarcely populated because of the extreme temperatures and inaccessible location.Why travel to Waichin Valley:The nights in Waichin Valley are equally attractive as the days and the simplicity of the locals here will melt your heart away. Maichin Valley is considered to be a perfect getaway for anyone looking for an adventurous and peaceful break from a monotonous city life.