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Lonar Lake

9. Lonar Lake, MaharashtraThis lake has been created by a meteor impact and is a saline soda lake in Lonar in Maharashtra.
Abhishek Sinari
- I woke up 6 in the morning on the next day and left my hotel room at 6.30. Went to Cidco Bus stand which is 6km away from my hotel.- I came to know that the bus which goes to Lonar would leave at 7.30. I had an ample time to observe people around. Everywhere I go I try to observe and learn from the people. They tell you something with their actions and emotions.- Bus started at 7.30. It goe through district of Jalna. Climate was good. Not too hot not too cool. It was dry though unlike Mumbai. It took 4hrs to reach to Lonar.- After reaching Lonar bust stop you need to travel for another 2km to reach at the site.- It was a humongous sight. It acts like a time machine. I was witnessing that event which happened 52,000 years ago.- Lake is almost circular in shape and it has a circumference of about 8kms.
Lonar Lake - Not all extraterrestrial impacts are scary - Nature Lovers
Lonar Crater Lake is a magical meteor lake, surrounded by a splattering of temples and monuments, built as far back as 6th century and as recently as 12th century. Most of the temples are in ruins, but a handful are still beautifully preserved, creating a surreal ambience around the lake, reminiscent of an Indiana Jones film set.Entry fee: Free for allOpening hours: Dawn to duskBest time to visit: October – AprilNearest railway station: The nearest railhead is Jalna, located about 90 km from Lonar. The more popular one is Aurangabad, around 140km away.