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Bhaja Caves Ancient Buddhist Heritage

MUhammed Unais P
Day 2 - Bhaha Caves, Visapur Fort and Lohagad Fort
Bhaje Cave:Weather condition was very cloudy with heavy rain shower. There is a huge waterfall just at the base and lot of people enjoying themselves in that waterfall.Bhaja Caves or Bhaje caves is a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC located at Malavali, near Lonavala 60 km from Pune.To reach the caves, it is a short climb of around 20-25 minutes on a properly laid out path, aprrox 220 steps to climb to reach cave. The best time to visit Bhaja caves would be late evening, the caves officially close around 6 pm and they don’t allow anyone to enter beyond 5.45 pm. There is a small entrance fee of Rs.15 for the Bhaje caves. The premises are clean and well conserved by the Archaeological Society of India.
Mohini Chauhan
Bhaja Caves: Loacted 8 km south of Karla, Bhaja caves are known to be constructed by Buddhist nuns. With an origin dating back to 200 BC, the ancient Bhaja Caves, attract plenty of visitors. Stretched over a vast region, the caves extend all the way to Arabian Sea.