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Lonavala Lake

Sushmita Joshi
Lonvla Lake is located on the out-skirts of Lonavla. The whole view of the lake was very beautiful and soothing for eyes, but we were not able to spend much time there as we had to rush back to the station.On our way back we also bought some chikki as it is one of the many things for which Lonvala is famous for. So try not to forget buying lonvla ki chikki for your family.Once we reached the station we boarded the train back to Pune, thus it was the end of our beautiful and most memorable journey. And in future whenever I will visit Pune I will surely visit Lonvla again and again.
Priyanka Gupta
2. Lonavala lake view, Bhushji Dam BridgeAfter spending an hour over Rajmachi, we moved towards Bhushi Dam, but while crossing the Bridge we came across one more scenic point which is known as Bhushi Dam Bridge, constructed over Lonavala Lake. Stopped the car at the center of the bridge and cherished the amazing view all around. Wonderful lake view at both sides looked mesmerizing; this water is used for Power plant also. The cool wind flew through lake felt so amazing over there. A grand row of clear mountains along the lake was an add-on feature & also witnessed dozens of small waterfalls in lush green mesmerizing hills.
Ruchi Jain
If swimming is your passion, Lonavala lake is the place for you. It is also known as the Monsoon Lake. The distincting feature of this lake is that it is filled with water during the monsoon season and dries during the winter season. You will enjoy sight-seeing here as different species of birds and animals are found here. The panipuri of this site is very delicious. You can even take hookahs here. It is a cool place and the experience is quite unique too. This was the place where we had celebrated the party.