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Tungarli Lake

Mahika Mor
Tungarli Lake is about a 10-15 min drive from the Lonavala railway station. We took an auto from the station which dropped us at the base of the lake. From there it was a short trek uphill. We had planned to have a picnic there. After looking for the perfect spot, we found one after crossing the dam. Walking on the dam will take you to the other side of the lake. Walk carefully as there are no railings on either sides. After settling down at our spot, we ate our home-made peanut butter sandwiches and took a nap. It was peaceful. Nobody around, just the lake, trees, wind and you. My mom seemed dismayed when I told her that I had gone for a picnic and had slept there. She said that I anyways always sleep at home, why do I have to sleep when I go out. But trust me, it was so relaxing. One of the best naps ever!
seema navale
Then we got ready and planned to visit the Tungarli lake in the evening.It was nearly 3km from our homestay. We took auto and again 100rs :) we reached the lakeThis is a must visit place in evening .It was calm and good view point .Aadhe se zyada lonvala we can see from this point .Sunset view was worth watching.
Ridhima Srivastava
Distance from Pune: 67.3 kmStarting Point: Tungarli village, Rajmachi, Lonavala Difficulty Level: EasyTrek Length: 1hrsBest Season: Monsoon*Follow the TUNGARLI Road that passes beneath the dam. Proceed to TUNGARLI Village and VALVAND Lake across the ridge.