The Karjat route was very steep to descend with misleading trails. After a while our group got separated,few of them rushing quickly towards the base village while the three of them struggling with the friend with heels. She removed her heels and wore a pair of sandals of one of our mates.We managed to reach the base village somehow around 7.It was all dark then. Our female friends started getting calls from their homes . We had though that we would reach nearby Karjat station but no we were about 10-12 km away. We asked the local to arrange rickshaw for us but couldn’t. Then they said they could arrange bikes for us and would drop us to Karjat station and would charge 100 Rs per person for which we refused.We all decide to marched to a nearby village in hope of getting a rickshaw for us there.It was a feeling of an adventure,we all lit on our mobile flashes and walked 2 km to the neighbouring village.We all waited at a tapri ,had some snacks and asked them to arrange for a rickshaw.It was 8 pm now .All my friends taunting me for landing them into this trouble . The owner of the tapri arranged a tum tum(12 seater) for us. As we heard the tum tum’s horn we just shouted like hell.Our excitement knew no bounds without delaying for a second we thanked the man for the help he provided and accommodated ourselves in the tum tum and there we go.