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Once you reach Lonavla, I would say find the next local train to Malavli rather than opting for autorickshaw which will charge you around 300 INR to reach the caves and forts. It will cost you 5 INR to reach Malavli which is the closest station for all the popular places to visit. If you are fit enough and want to experience the tranquil roads carving between the tropical greens on side and rocks on the other, take a walk to the forts- you will never regret it.You can opt for autorickshaw and hired vehicles as well that wil charge you 300-400 INR to transport you to the base of the steps for the Lohagad Fort. I preferred walking and it took around 20 minutes to reach the spot where the trek starts for the fort. The trail amidst nowhere so it is better to ask some local about the route but once you get started it’s a straight road leading to the fort and you will also come across some small shops who can direct you accordingly.
After trekking for 40-45 mins we can reach the tip of Lohgad Fort .Unlike other forts Lohgad is Strong and has rigid steps .During monsoons you will experience immense pleasure seeing water gushing through the steps.
Best Time to visit Lohgad Fort?Monsoons without a doubt!
Lohgad Fort also known the Iron Fort has a an exquiste rich History.Located next to the beautiful Bhaje caves this fort was built by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire.Kings came and left but the Iron fort even after so many years stands still .One of the most sinificant amongst these rulers was the Great Shivaji Maharaj.How to reach Lohgad Fort?By Train: Take a Local train from Pune or Lonavala and reach Malavli station .For People coming from Mumbai reach Lonavala first by any train of your choice and then board the train mentioned above.By Road:From Pune it take an hours drive from old Mumbai Pune Highway ,On reaching Malavli walk for about 40-45 mins to reach Lohgad fort.
 Priyanka Agrawal