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Bhargav KVRK
1 hour into our semi conscious travel, we found a chain of beautiful lights hanging from the sky, beckoning us. "That's where you have to go bhau", commented the driver. We have reached Vani, but I will drop you at Nanduri, as it is from Nanduri that the ghat road starts and it is easier to get transport from there." We stopped at a small dhaba paid the jeep wala Rs. 60 each. To our relief the dhaba was open and the dhaba wala was awake. Time was 4 am. The dhaba wallah a man in his forties was of a jovial disposition and was enjoying golden hits of Bollywood on his cable TV. "Bhau, at the back there is a hand pump, go freshen up, I will make hot Bread Pakoras and Misal Paav for you. You can enjoy them with the topping of evergreen Rafi hits", he said with a twinkle in his eyes and a strange freshness even after a supposed night shift. That day Bread Pakoras and Misal Paav tasted delicious. We asked him about a conveyance to go to Saptashrungi. "Just walk a kilometer ahead, there is a detour to the right where the ghat starts. Stand there, any vehicle going up will take you", he said. We were exactly at the back of the Saptashrungi mountain.The darkness of the night was getting overwhelmed by a faint crimson glow on the eastern horizon. Fresh monsoon clouds were drifting like cotton wool towards the sacred mountain perhaps for the suprabhatam darshan of the mother. It was around 5.30 am. Sun was all set to herald another day. We strolled enjoying the cool morning breeze and reached the beginning of the ghat. A tempo trax came and stopped and we requested for a lift. The driver obliged for Rs. 20 for a distance of 10 kms.