Narayangaon 1/undefined by Tripoto


Ritika Tyagi
We took a left at Narayangaon and stepped forward in the direction of Junnar town. The circumstance of the road changed into pretty clean. The entire adventure turned into very picturesque with ghat routes, dam and greenery, and too many waterfalls. After crossing 2 small ghat sections, we eventually started with Malshej Ghat. We took our first pit to forestall within the first fall. A lot of meals stalls were selling tea, coffee, corn, egg dishes, and vada pav. The manner to the first waterfall goes via few steps and thru a decrease tier of the waterfall. It's a 2 tiered fall and one of the maximum powerful falls from Malshej Ghat. Another beautiful tiered fall can be seen from right here. We loved q4 after which went ahead to witness extra waterfalls.
Sreejith Pillai
Then started the descent and the challenging night ride from Bhandardara to Baner, which I'll never to forget. We got to test our headlamps and our riding skills. The road was sandy and rocky and our bikes slipped a lot. At times, we also thought that we had a flat tyre. But it was the sand tricking us. We still enjoyed leaning our bikes through the turns. We looked into our maps and found that this road connects to a State highway SH21. We were relieved that we will get to ride on good roads finally in 10 minutes. 2 hours passed and we were on the same rocky road but were treated with a beautiful night view of the villages near Narayangaon from the ghat. Finally, we connected to the SH46 and realized we were riding on SH21 all along. The chilling night ride continued until we reached Pune by 12AM.Many achievements unlocked. Many lessons learnt. One great memorable ride. This ride has made my belief stronger that travelling or bike riding is much much more than just getting to the destinations and clicking memories. Its the path, the roads, moreover, the untraveled roads that make the best and lasting memories.Fin.