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After taking bath and a having delicious breakfast Poha, we started to trek uphill to reach Bhimashankar temple. From that villlage trek is complete steep and many waterfalls cross by your way and the foggy view in the morning with drizzling is awesome.
Arun Dash
DAY: 2. I woke up at 5am, though few had already woke up n gone for the natures call. You hardly find the chirping of the birds and the sound of the streams everyday. The Sonki (yellow) flowers had blossomed just a week before and the green earth was being dotted with these yellow flowers. We had Poha and tea, and then we headed out for our destination. We kept a target of reaching Bhimashankar at around 1-2 pm.
Arun Dash
We got down after around 30 minutes and started for Wandre Khind. The route was dotted with numerous waterfalls and lush green fields. The mountain was dotted with a number of windmills and it the views were a treat to the eyes. We took a lot of photos there. We had descended the Wandre khind and moved towards the last destination of the day:PADARWADI. It was already dark and we were welcomed by the barks of the village dogs. We halted overnight at the community centre of the village, though we also had the full verandah of a school. The premises of the school acted as the lone bus stop of the village too. Meanwhile the sole ST bus too had arrived, ready to move on early morning. After a stupendous dinner made by a villager, we slept off like logs of wood, and yes few tractors (read as snoring) ran throughout the night.