20 kilometers from that left and we found our wind mill spot on a hillock. Parked our bikes, took some photos and Hemant suggested me that there is one more frame merely 100 meters back. Promptly I went back on the bike to investigate, I reached there and Hemant could see his face brightening from his helmet visor... I raised a green flag signalling Hemant to join me. By the time Hemant reached there I already parked my bike on edge and ready to welcome Hemant with the picturesque view... It was the best spot so far. Nice light... Morning breeze. It was a bliss to be there. It was nice camping spot and we decided to visit again with tents. I marked the location on the map just to make sure I return to the same spot again in near future. But I don't think the map would be needed to return to such a beautiful spot... (Note to self: Definitely not during summer)