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Neeti Chopra
Neha Bhise Sadalge
In Maharashtra, they are commonly found in Purushwadi which is home to millions of fireflies. There is also an annual festival which happens here and gathers a lot of travellers year on year.
Pratik Sachdev
Mohini Chauhan
'You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies....'The above song by Owl city never fails to invoke a feeling of nostalgia in me. *Sigh* Remember mercilessly chasing fireflies as kids at your grandpa's yard? Capturing them in bewilderment with our tiny hands because for fractions of seconds it felt Disney was real, as if magic was real. And here we all are today, grown-ups tangled in responsibilities and corporate commitments, only to realize we mindlessly let go of little-lighting joys amidst the fast paced city life. And just when we were thinking we couldn't go back in time and chase fireflies, The Fireflies Festival happened.Did you know that fireflies are actually beetles? Yes, you read that right. Another bonus fact- The family name, Lampyridae comes from the Greek word "lampein," meaning to shine just like a lamp. During the day, they are simple looking insects, but at night they put up a spectacular light show, particularly at the onset of the monsoons. The intermittent luminescence and flashes in patterns are, in fact, moves to impress their future mates! The Western Ghats are probably one of the best places to see these fireflies in action and one such place to witness this stupendous open air light and dance show is Purushwadi, Maharashtra. (Cited from: whatshot.in/pune)Located in the Akole block of Ahmednagar, the village of Purushwadi is situated 190/164 km from Mumbai and Pune, enroute to Nashik. This tribal village is inhabited by the Hindu Mahadeo Koli tribe, renowned as rice cultivators and skilled animal herdsmen. Purushwadi witnesses an influx of tourists and campers this month, for its spectacular festival, The Festival Of A Million Fireflies, organized by Grassroutes - an organisation promoting rural tourism. The itinerary for the same is well laid out by Grassroutes. There are three options when it comes to stay: camping on the campsite, camping near the lake and staying at a villager’s house. You can visit http://www.grassroutes.co.in/ for more info.
asif shaikh
Since I am a Mumbaikar, I haven't seen a single firefly till date. This will sound lame to many of you but trust me. All thanks to the concrete jungle we have in here. Then an opportunity came to witness the spectacle phenomenon which happens every year before monsoon-Fireflies festival. This is not regarding Purushwadi but this event can also be witnessed at different parts of the state, Bhandardara is one of them. It was a totally awestruck moment watching so many fireflies blinking together, one has to witness it live. After spotting millions of fireflies we travelled all the way to Paachnai which was over base for Harishchandragad trek. All the landscapes and moments are well captured in the camera and please watch video to get an idea of it.