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Khevna Pandit
After an elaborate continental lunch at their restaurant – Green Bean – we weren’t exactly in the mood for an excursion (and after a six hour drive? No, thank you!) But since we were on a tight itinerary, we made our move to the windmill farm which was another two hour drive to Pusegaon. However, the spiralling roads that reminded us of the climb at Tiger Hill, Lonvala, were an absolute joyride – and the view of the lush valley down the road was daunting, yet a sight for sore eyes. In about an hour or so, you could spot a flicker of tiny windmills lined up on the hill right at the front – little did we know that these gigantic machines were more than what could be seen from the window of our car. Unfortunately for us, the sun began to set right when we were driving up, but as the car pulled in near the 90 feet windmill, we couldn’t help but drop our jaws in awe. Right from the edge of the humongous windmill, you could see the sun set into the valley stretching out for yards and yards. And, the gentle swishing of the blades will make you wonder about your tiny existence, even if just for a second. The idea behind this visit was the moment of calm and self realisation that is no longer experienced amidst the popular crowded destinations anymore. Well, I had my share of bliss as I watched the silhouettes fade into dusk, but who could tell how long before we commercialise that as well?