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Bhargav KVRK
Sakori is a small village far from the din and pandemonium of the cities with pucca houses, few huts, lot of greenery,roads checkered with grey and brown paving stones with patches of a green veneer of cow dung on them. Sakori is one of those villages where life moves at a snail's pace, awakening at dawn and sleeping by nightfall. I reached the village couple of hours before dusk and already the village was ready to go back into slumber. " Where is Upasani Maharaj's samadhi,"I asked a villager in Hindi, who was in white dhoti and white kurta and the characterstic Gandhi topi, sitting on his haunches and sipping tea in a small village tuck shop. He replied in Hindi with a strong marathi accent, squinting his eyebrows to avoid the slanted rays of the sun hitting his eyes, " Bhau!, go round the corner, you will find an alley, to the end of it stands his ashram and samadhi."