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Anurag Chivilkar
Rasalgad fort lies 15km east of the Khed city. This fort is now developed as tourist destination. This fort has a fortification in good condition. This fort is on a south end of a narrow spur which joins with Suamargad and Mahipatgad in the north direction. This fort has a rush of visitors on week ends. The fort is a small triangular plateau of 5 acres fortified on all the sides. The two entrance gates are in good condition. There is a Veer Maruti idol near the first gate. There is a Zolayidevi temple on the fort with a stone Deepmal and tulsi vrindavan in the front. There are two large rock cut water cisterns on the fort.There are 16 cannons on the fort. There is a store room in good condition. Chakdev and Parvatgad are seen from the Fort.