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Salher Wadi

Avinash Kumar
There was a tough task ahead as we had to figure out our way to the peak before it would get dark, post which it would become difficult to find the route. We interacted with the locals there and managed to get the route map. We had two options with us, either to take the regular path which predominantly have stairs or the more tougher path which didn't have a proper trail and we had to hop through a lot of rocks, which is basically a water way which starts between the two sister peaks (Salher and Salota). Being adventure junkies the craziness in us made us choose the tougher route, especially when it was evident that it would lead to a night trek to an unexplored route. We started within next 10 minutes but kept losing our way most of the time. We were trying to figure out the route but there were so many diversions that we always made our way only towards the dead end. Determined to figure out the route the search never stopped. It was 7:30 pm and the visibility kept on decreasing leaving us in middle of nowhere. We were lost in the dark, but we didn't lose our hope and continued further. Out of nowhere we came across a local guy, a blessing in disguise, we spoke to him and asked if he can show us the route, without thinking much agreed to take us till the caves.We started following our local hero, as per him it would take us 3 hours to reach till the caves where we could halt for the night. It was all rocky path through out and we were just hopping over the rocks. We were all exhausted as we didn't take any breaks till then, but our enthusiasm never died and we kept on following our local Hero. After a while his big brother joined us in midway and they both helped us to reach till the caves. It was 11 pm when we reached, all exhausted i took a deep breath and had a sense of relief. We thanked both of them and gave them some money as a token of gratitude and they left the place. The cave which we stayed in was a small one where we managed to place our 3 tents and within no time we slept off.