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Kanj Saurav
Reach Samrad, the base of the trek, early in the morning. Relax and recharge yourself in the village.You should begin the trek by afternoon from the base. It is only then that the valley starts seeing sunlight. It is advisable to start the trek during mid-day. You can hire a local guide too if you are not trekking with a group.The initial trekking can be done effortlessly as there is no uphill climb. After walking for a km, you see the entrance of Sandhan Valley. The valley is five to seven metre wide, blocked on the sides with vertical rocks of a height up to 30 metres. The narrow valley is also the course of a seasonal river which floods it during the monsoons, when the valley is shut down.
The fireflies emerge in the grasses & trees of Samrad village along with most of Maharashtra. Samrad is scenic & untouched but it is slowly getting famous because it's the starting point of Sandhan valley.
Offbeat Voyagers
Got up. Dressed up. Went to college. Friday, tired of the routine, we decided to just pick up our bags and leave that night, surely after some research :P . The images of the trek speak for themselves and should be enough to convince you about it!!
Rahul Mistry
Samrad Village is just few kilometers ahead on the route to Bhandardara, we chose this location since it is one of the dark place in Maharastra. Good for Astro photography lovers, one can enjoy lot of camping spots and this is also the base village for Sandhan Valley trek.