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Trimbakeshwar Shiv Mandir

Mihir Sharma
Day 3- The day was a monday and hence Shirdi was relatively less crowded. If you wish to enjoy the serenity of the town, I suggest you plan your trip on a weekday. You can also get to sit for meditation in the main temple at a separate section located at the back in the Mukh darshan area. This is almost impossible on the weekend. There is not pushing around or forcing you out on weekdays. On the third day we left Shirdi. We were on our way to the jyotirlinga Trimbakeshwar temple. The temple is located almost 30 kms from Nasik city and from Shirdi it is a 2-3 hour drive. The roads are absolutely smooth with fast moving traffic. After the drive we reached Trimbakeshwar temple. There are free parking areas created for vehicles at a 10 minutes walk from the temple. The entire path to the temple is lined with restuarants, sweet shops, shops selling religious paraphernalia and offerings to lord shiva. Do not purchase coconut from any shop. People sell it even though taking it into the temple is strictly prohibited. Once you reach the temple you find two options of entering. One with the standard que or one with a shorter que at a cost of Rs. 200 per person. Once inside the temple you move towards the main sanctum. However no one is allowed to enter the main sanctum sanctorium except for in proper pooja clothes(a dhoti) and that too only in the early hours of morning. You can worship from a distance and can also see the reflection of the Shivlinga in a mirror placed right above the shivlinga. There is adequate place to sit and meditate the name of lord. After having visited the temple you can satisfy your hunger pangs in the market. We visited the Vithal Kamat food joint in the market. The food joint offers you a traditional maharashtrian taste in its dishes which is a must have in the region.
Ramadevi Reddy
Finally, we continued to Triambakeshwar.In Triambakeshwar, you can find different linga when compared to other Shiva Temples.