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Malshej Ghat

Alpa Mange
We reached Malshej Ghat next morning at around 5.30 am and the view was breathtaking. Cold breeze, calm nature, moisture in the air, all green, peace and purity… We relaxed on the Malshej Ghat enjoying our morning there with a stunning view in front of us…
As soon as we hit ghat roads, the weather changed drastically, from clear and windy to foggy and rainy. It was so much fog that we could not see beyond 2 meters, it was scary and thrilling at the same time. We reached Malshej ghat at around 1 p.m and stopped to have tea, we have not ate since morning so relishing on maggie was inevitable.
Palak Doshi
Shooting Stars At Malshej Even though Malshej Ghat is ultra-famous during the monsoons, it exhibits a tranquil and incredible beauty during the summer and winter months (which are actually the off-season) Trust me there is nothing to put you off in this so-called “off-season”.
Khushbu Gianani
Lost & FoundMonsoon is undoubtedly the best season of being outdoors and I was really excited that it was the time of the year again, where I could enjoy Mother Nature in all its glory.I first visited Harishchandragad about two years ago, when i was looking for a break away from city. Overwhelmed by nature’s beauty of secluded paradise, I found myself longing the tranquility of this quaint above again and so. I spontaneously decided to plan a trip. Without thinking twice, my companion and I found ourselves marching towards the highest peak in Maharashtra.
Hi, last weekend was soo tiring that we just wanted to escape from our mundane activities. Since the onset of monsoon's in Pune, we were itching to visit surrounding ghats. So one weekend, decided to take a drive through Malshej Ghats. These ghats offers one of the most popular way among the tourists, especially in monsoons. Since, we wanna enjoy the ambiance, we booked our stay for a night at "Saj- by the lake" resort.