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September - February
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8 out of 20 attractions in Matheran

Echo Point

Echo Point well known tourist attraction place, famous for best nature view during monsoon.
Nisha Harbola
It’s a great weekend getaway to run away from the routine grime. Although, I feel if you are going there, add a day or two to the weekend trip. All that effort, dust inhalation, and all the clang-thump-rattle cart rides just for a weekend seems a bit excessive.Happy tripping! Aachoo! Hand me my Allegra someone.
Ravindra Pal
Next day we visited some of the view points in Matheran On Foot, Although horses were available there but Obviously we were in "Paise Bachao " Mode, so we decided not to take any horses.First we visited so-called Echo Point, but Apparently there was no Echo But That place was Really Great.
Venu bairi
Echo Point lies in the vicinity of Louisa Point, which can be seen from here. As the name suggests, you hear your screams and yells echo at this peak. High-pitched kids are a common sight here. We even saw adults going crazy to hear their voice back. We got to know about it when a group of almost 20 screaming people captured my attention.
Echo point : The point is most visited by love birds as they keep shouting the names of their loved once and the reverting sound in low tone keeps coming back . There are many such echo points in the western ranges.