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Khasi Hills

These hills form the central part of Meghalaya and is a place of immense natural beauty. Most of the tourist attractions are a part of the rolling green Khasi Hills. The attractions here include the second wettest place on this planet, Cherrapunjee which recieves rainfall throughout the year. The capital city of Shillong which is the most popular tourist attraction is also a part of the Khasi Hills. The hill region is divided into broad parts out of which the East Khasi Hills District is the most famous and most beautiful too.
Devlina Talapatra
Monolith is a symbol of remembrance in Khasi Heritage. While the largest cluster of monoliths is in Nartiang village, Jaintia Hills, numerous Monoliths are strewn in the nook and corners of the cloudy valleys, tiny villages or the secret forests of Meghalaya.
Rena Das
I was once more astonished to see such a beautiful creation of nature .I never imagined such a tree existed until i saw this one .This place is in Riwai village in the east khasi hills of Meghalaya. They call this place as “God’s own garden” and i believe they are absolutely right. I traveled during winter so i found the weather quite pleasant .I wonder how this place would look like in monsoon !!! I am sure it would be absolutely Gorgeous during rainy season. Anyways with much amazement we left this place and headed towards our next destination.Sharing some pictures of the Living Root Bridge :
Akash Kapur
Roots of the rubber tree — Ficus Elastica form these natural bridges in the forests of the Khasi Hills. The construction of modern bridges takes three or four years. On the other hand, these types of bridges take very long to develop into firm ones and can carry around 50 people at a time. The life-time of such bridges is around 500 years. The adventure freak that I am, I made it a point to visit the place amidst the woods and the wildlife. Although one should jump on such bridges at theirs own risk. But then, totally worth it!