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Milano Centrale Railway Station

Newsflash: It is extremely common for passports to be lost/stolen in Europe and some hundreds of tourists face this nuisance everyday.Milano Centrale was fairly spotless apart from the occasional cigarette butts popping out between the lines of the stoned floor of the station. My train from Florence (Firenze Santa Maria Novella) to Milan covered a little more than 300 kilometres in an unbelievable 1 hour 40 minutes, leaving me little time to finish the thriller in my hand. I was almost forced to enjoy the lush green landscapes rushing past the enormous windows. With a little extra buck to spare, I got myself a first-class ticket. Apparently, there was a faster train available, but my Trenitalia adventures should had to wait for another time. I was already ecstatic at the prospect of visiting the home of Leonardo Da Vinci's legendary fresco at Santa Maria delle Grazie, a church and Dominican convent in Milan.A stunning railway station