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Santa Maria delle Grazie

Sumedha Bharpilania
The Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazi is known to the world probably because it houses Leonardo Da Vinci's fabled 'The Last Supper' in an adjoining chamber. The most famous mural on this planet depicting Christ's admittance to the knowledge of the betrayal was unfortunately greatly damaged due to restoration work, yet nothing stops thousands of people from being transfixed at this masterpiece on a daily basis. The details on the windows behind Christ and his disciples effectively illustrate the talent that Da Vinci possessed. Getting there: Entry to the Basilica is free but tickets need to be booked months in advance for one to see Il Cenacolo Vinciano (The Last Supper) on or through their call centre number mentioned on the website. The ticket should come for about 10 Euros inclusive of everything and your tour will last 15 minutes. English language guided tours however cost more (3 Euros). If you have more money to spare and want a detailed guided tour that lasts an additional 30 minutes, visit and shell out 70 Euros. I was not lucky enough to get tickets because of the huge number of EXPO visitors, therefore book ahead. Absolute last minute tickets which include a city tour can be bought for 75 Euros from Cadorna serving Line 1 and 2 is the closest metro station and is about 800 metres from the basilica. Tickets can be bought at the station itself for 1.50 Euros for a single journey which is valid for 90 minutes.