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Iguazu Falls

Varun Suchday
It is hard to find words to describe the majesty, magnificence and the fantasismo of the Falls of Iguazu. As the bus winds closer to the falls, you hear the prowl and the roar of Iguazu. The first view will leave you wide-eyed, in awe of the sheer amount of water and the way it finds to unleash it’s might. Iguazu falls is a set of waterfalls spanning across 2 km on the Brazilian side. Once you get on the catwalk, you are truly in the cradle of Iguazu. Let go of yourself, the espirito magnetismo will glide you through the heart of the falls.Chapada Diamantina National Park (Off The Beaten Path)
shobhit choudhary
The Iguazú Falls lie on the Brazilian border with Argentina and Paraguay. An excursion into the Iguazú National Park will pretty much fill up the day as you explore the falls and the surrounding rivers and jungle. The park consists of various trails that take you through the jungle onto wooden walkways built a few meters above the jungle floor and the waterways for panoramic views of the surrounding forests with over 270 separate falls of all different sizes set amidst a verdant jungle of tropical trees and colorful butterflies. You'll also be taking to the waters to navigate the falls aboard a motor boat, heading through the rapids into the Devil's Throat Canyon on the morning of the second day. At over 80 meters high this is the most powerful and impressive waterfall of them all. A fitting last image seared into your mind before flying to Rio de Janeiro.