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Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Animesh Sood
After grabbing some quick food, we were all set to explore the city further and went to visit the cathedral of "Christ the Saviour". The original church was demolished by Soviet leaders to support atheism. However, it was rebuilt in 1990 after receiving permission from Soviet Government. The Cathedral is beautiful from inside however inside the cathedral, pictures are not allowed. Like several other structures in Russia, this building also has high usage of bronze.
Josh Cahill
The Saviour Church has a very special story to tell. After Napoleon retreated from Moscow the idea was introduced to honor Christ with a church for saving Russia. The church took more than 40 years to be built, only to be blown up in 1931 by the order of Josef Stalin. The demolition was supposed to make way for a 400 meter tall palace with a massive Lenin Statue on the top. While the project never went beyond its fundamental plans and was later withdrawn, the Russian people decided to rebuild the church in 1995. The church is also known for Pussy Riot's infamous protest against Vladimir Putin in 2012.