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Al Bjørnstad
Sparrow Hills is overlooking Moscow. It is also known as Lenin Hills. From the observation platform, we saw Luzhniki Stadium where the 1980 Olympics took place, the Moscow River and a lot of interesting buildings.
Al Bjørnstad
Local Market at Prospekt Mira; After enjoying a few hours in the Space Museum, we decided to might as well see if we could get to Ostankino Tower. We saw it from the museum so we walked towards the tower. On the way there, we saw a building which looked like a mall. We went in and what a sight! The food shops were so inviting.
Al Bjørnstad
Red square is really red!: My husband and I are probably crazy for deciding to travel to Moscow at this time. We were too positive that winter would have given way to spring by this time. It was -4 degrees Celsius on our first day in Russia. For my husband, it is a little nostalgic. He had fond and some strange memories in Moscow. As for me, it is my first time in this country. I wanted to see St. Basil´s Cathedral and the towers of the Kremlin. Red square is really red but it was not named Red Square because of its colour or the colour of communism. The good thing about going around the red square is that there are other things to see around. Kazan Cathedral, Kremlin Wall, Lenin Mausoleum, Statue of Minin and Pozharsky, Gum, Lobnoe Mesto and St. Basil´s Cathedral. Getting lost in Moscow: After going around the Red Square, we thought that we would go around the centre of Moscow and maybe have a late lunch somewhere. We got lost. While finding our way around, we saw a lot of interesting people. Getting lost in Moscow is not that bad. We were able to interact with the locals and we had fun going around. We found the hotel after a few hours. We did not mind getting lost at all.
Josh Cahill
There is no way around the Red Square and the bordering Kremlin. The center of Russia's capital is a magnet for tourists and one of the most iconic squares in the world. As many people assume, the name Red Square does not originate from the pigment of the surrounding bricks nor from the link between the color red and communism. The Russian word "Krasnaya" (The name of the square is Krasnaya Ploshchad) can be translated to either "beautiful" or "red".