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Red Square

The Red Square must not be omitted. Or as the Russians name it “Красный площадь.”
Animesh Sood
Red Square is often considered the central square of Moscow as the cities major streets and highways commence from this square. Lenin's Mausoleum - resting place of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, is a part of square complex however the visiting hours are only from 10 AM till 1 PM in the afternoon. In 1990, the Red Square in Moscow was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival is an annual military music event held in Moscow on Red Square. Russian and foreign military bands, Folk groups, and the Honor Guard Units of foreign countries participate in the event. More than 40 countries have participated in this event since 2006. The India Military forces also participated in the year 2017.
Deepak kumar menon
Nainshree Goyal
The very famous Red square is huge area in red walls, red bricks and red architecture. It is historical site plus also holds lot of importance in current political and national activities. It is huge and exploring this place will take you more than half of the day.The popular St. Basil Cathedral at the red square is pretty and built like a fairy land. Even the interiors are such that I felt the doors are made of candy and its all so cute and pretty.The Gum Mall is huge at the red square. It is the worlds largest departmental store.There are shops for souvenirs and other branded stuff as well. The wall of red square on one side is neighboring the governance and sovereign buildings.