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Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, this is a cable stay bridge which was erected by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation. This bridge links Bandra on the Western Suburbs of Mumbai and Worli in South Mumbai. In future this bridge is suppossed to link the Western Suburbs of Mumbai to Nariman Pint, which is the business district of Mumbai. This bridge reduces traveling time by about half an hour.
Bandra sea linkWe crossed this many times while visiting places and it’s beautiful.
vedant gurav
We also had a chance to drive through the Bandra worli sea link. It's an 8lane cable-stayed bridge connecting Western and southern Mumbai across the Bandra channel.
Ayushee Chaudhary
The next stop will be Siddhi Vinayak mandir, why one will not visit this vinayak mandir when we are in Mumbai? If your first stop is Juhu beach, book a cab to Siddhi vinayak mandir and you can see the Bandra - Worli Sealink on the way. It is so amazing going through the sea link and having the view of Bandra.
2) My city has a sea Link: Bandra Worli Sea Link - I've shut lot of my colleagues with this. At my work place, I had co-workers traveling to Mumbai for meets and training. They boasted way too much about their cities. I never understood their pride for their cities. Some bragged about Pune, some jazzed about Bangalore weather, one was from Jaipur and so on. They use to find gaps in conversation to divert the topic towards their city. I never understood this. I mean, I am proud of being an Indian. That too, now-a-days I have different way of looking at it. I think, I need to do some thing to make my country proud. Then it makes sense. Otherwise, whats the point being proud of its landscapes, rivers, nature - when we don't do a bit to keep it clean. The day we learn to keep our cities clean. From that day, I will feel proud of it.Okay, where were we. Right - Bandra Worli Sea link. So when these folks talk a lot. I simply ask them one thing, whether their cities has a sea link or not. And they go crazy. Because cities such as Pune & Bangalore can never get a sea link. They may get a bridge over lakes or river, but not sea link in this age at least. I never found this point getting older. I use it repeatedly and mock their disappointed face. Now Mumbai is set to get another Sea link and an underground Metro. Also underwater Bullet Train High Speed Railway network. O ho, how could I forget Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue and coastal roads. Ha ha ha ha. I have so many points to pound them in future. Certainly, my future is full of laughter. By the way, I am eagerly waiting for the coastal roads. Bandra Worli sea link is ideal if you enjoy driving. Even Lewis Hamilton drove his F1 car on this bridge.