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June - February
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Jehangir Art Gallery

This is Mumbai's one of the most popular art galleries located in the Kala Ghoda area. It was built in 1952 and contributed to the city by Cawasji Jehangir and is till now managed by the Bombay Art Society. This is also the most prestigious venue for modern artistes of the city and there is always a rush for them to exhibit their paintings here. Many have to wait for at least a few years to get a turn as well. The main reason is that this gallery is most of the time in the media eye for good reasons. There are four exhibition halls to exhibit artwork here.
vidhi bubna
The Jehangir art gallery is the most popular art gallery in Mumbai and it was a great experience to look at the art
Since 1952, this gallery in South Mumbai has been a meeting point of national and international contemporary artists as well as students and art admirers. It has four exhibition halls and it hosts more than 300 shows in a year. It is also the venue for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.
Neha Shrivastava
Next I moved to Jahangir Art Gallery. I am not a painter but I like the art of expression and I appreciate it. While looking at the paintings, there were paintings of natural landscapes, like the sunrise, the forts, the temples. All this while, I was very much able to relate with it, as soon as I saw sunrise, I was like I saw this in Varanasi, as soon as I saw deodar trees, I was like I saw this in Mussorrie, temples, I saw it in Rameswaram and there were scenaries from Badami as well, I have been there as well, I was so much able to relate with it! It took me back to all the places I travelled in just 10 minutes, wow! Then I moved to photography section by Milind Sathe, someone who lives in Hills and Mountains and exploring their lives day by day. I have been to Spiti, I was able to relate with many of the photographs and now , I know where all to go next :) Thanks Milind.
Neha Inaskar
On weekends, you can see many artists crawling on the streets to capture the beauty of ancient Gothic architecture of South Mumbai which makes us feel more artistic. Jehangir Art Gallery to local artists open air galleries – which reflect various colors of Mumbai.
Neha Dhanani
Art at its best. A good display of art by famous artists to budding artists. It’s heartening to see Art still alive with a charming old gallery, welcoming each and every one who fancy art/ photography exhibitions etc.