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Marine Drive

Marine Drive may be a picturesque promenade in Kochi, Kerala, India. It engineered facing the backwaters, and may be a widespread resort for the native people. Ironic to its name, no vehicles area unit allowed on the walk. Marine Drive is additionally associate economically thriving a part of town of Kochi. With many searching malls it's as a crucial centre of searching activity in Kochi. Major alimentation joints, as well as Marrybrown, DiMark, coffee house area unit gift on the walk. The read of the setting and rising sun over the ocean mouth, and therefore the gentle wind from the Vembanad Lake has created Marine Drive a crucial holidaymaker destination in Kochi. Hundreds of individuals both natives and tourists throng the walk throughout the evenings. The walk starts from the tribunal Junction and continues till the Rajendra Maidan. There are many boat jetties on the walk. The walk has two contemporarily created bridges, the Rainbow bridge and the Chinese net Bridge.
Neeti Chopra
Baraf Gola in Marine Drive deftly shapes the shaved ice, pours on different kinds of sherbet, adds some whipped cream and nuts for waiting customers. There are a lot of malai gola stalls at Marine Drive that are abuzz with activity until 2 am. People keep dropping by to sample some of these ice candies and look out over Marine Drive.
And the next stop will be the most wonderful, chilling, blissful and magnificent place in Mumbai, The Marine Drive. It is walkable from the Gateway of India/The Taj Mahal palace, or you can go by uber/autos/sharing cabs. If you follow my itinerary you will reach marine drive at the evening, which will be the perfect time to watch the astonishing sunset. DONT MISS THE SUNSET AT MARINE DRIVE. Trust me, it will be an unbelievable experience.
1) Queen's Necklace - I am talking about Marine Drive. This spot is the major highlight of Mumbai. It is called Queen Necklace because of its shape which resembles a neck. Queen may be, because of its Victorian past. Ahh !!! So much of Colonialism. But its fine, history is history, good or bad - happy or sad, reality should be acknowledged. This place is a common joint for college goers and I was one of them.
Yasmin Mirza
Marine Drive : The most “Romantic place” in Mumbai. This is the place if you want to enjoy the peace and see the beauty of city. This is 3 km long road which is famous for having the Arabian sea all along one side. You will love the curved shape with the light in the night. This beautiful shape is called “Queen's Necklace.” Just sit here before sunset and wait till you see the “Queen's Necklace”. The main attraction of the driveway is the broad pavement and the even broader wall, over which people often fall asleep. You must have seen this turning road in lots of movies.Entry Fees : FreeVisiting Time : Any timeBest Time to visit : Till sunset to late night
What is Marine Drive aka Marines ?C-shaped concrete road having 6 lanes. It's around 3.6km long , situated in the South Mumbai.Due to it's c-shaped structure , if you view this place at night from any elevated point anywhere along the drive, the street lights seem like a string of pearls in a necklace. Hence it is also called as Queen's NecklaceHow to get there : Marine drive station is the nearest station to get to this place.However, if you are travelling from harbour side and are not much into changing trains and routes, take a train to CST and hire a taxi/ola/uber to reach to this place.Attractions :Visit this place during monsoons : You will get to enjoy the tides on your soul during monsoon and nothing could stop you from falling in love with Mumbai after experiencing this. Can spend a night here sitting , doing nothing ,enjoying the sound of sea . See it as arch of light during night. That is mesmerising.Just to next to this 3.6 km jogging track, lies the Girgaon Chowpatty aka Chowpatty beach. Visit this chowpatty to have some fun time getting wet in water with your dearest ones.