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Marine Drive

Marine Drive may be a picturesque promenade in Kochi, Kerala, India. It engineered facing the backwaters, and may be a widespread resort for the native people. Ironic to its name, no vehicles area unit allowed on the walk. Marine Drive is additionally associate economically thriving a part of town of Kochi. With many searching malls it's as a crucial centre of searching activity in Kochi. Major alimentation joints, as well as Marrybrown, DiMark, coffee house area unit gift on the walk. The read of the setting and rising sun over the ocean mouth, and therefore the gentle wind from the Vembanad Lake has created Marine Drive a crucial holidaymaker destination in Kochi. Hundreds of individuals both natives and tourists throng the walk throughout the evenings. The walk starts from the tribunal Junction and continues till the Rajendra Maidan. There are many boat jetties on the walk. The walk has two contemporarily created bridges, the Rainbow bridge and the Chinese net Bridge.
Teena Haritwal
Local Trains v/s Metro-Delhi has vast Metro network connecting Capital City to nearby states Haryana & UP whereas Mumbai has local trains. Mumbai is way more crowded than Delhi, obviously cause that's our economic capital. But the crowd is sophisticated, simple and decent. What I see is they do not litter or make any chaos either in local trains or on roads.
With these two destinations ticked I am almost done for the day. I planned for Girgaum chowpatty and a walk alongside Marine drive to make the perfect end for the night. You will fall in love with the wet sand and the glittering lights wrapping around the sea in semi-circle.
Abhinav Jain
Once we had dinner, we still had some time left with us before the day would finally end. So we decided to hit Marine drive. The whole of city boundary is visible from here, brightly lit up skyscrapers making the most of it. It's a good place for a group of friends/couples to hang out or just chill out alone watching the sea waves hit the shore.
Neeti Chopra
Baraf Gola in Marine Drive deftly shapes the shaved ice, pours on different kinds of sherbet, adds some whipped cream and nuts for waiting customers. There are a lot of malai gola stalls at Marine Drive that are abuzz with activity until 2 am. People keep dropping by to sample some of these ice candies and look out over Marine Drive.
And the next stop will be the most wonderful, chilling, blissful and magnificent place in Mumbai, The Marine Drive. It is walkable from the Gateway of India/The Taj Mahal palace, or you can go by uber/autos/sharing cabs. If you follow my itinerary you will reach marine drive at the evening, which will be the perfect time to watch the astonishing sunset. DONT MISS THE SUNSET AT MARINE DRIVE. Trust me, it will be an unbelievable experience.