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Harnai Beach

navneet jadhav
Till the last moment it wasn't fixed that we were going out for a weekend getaway. And after the shift it was finally decided to go to anjarle beach. So we went home to get the stuff required and meet at a friend's place.We left at around 8am and just as we left Pune ...Tyre puncture..And we were late now.We went to harnai port to get ourselves some seafood.You get all type of fish​ at very cheap here but you should have some good bargaining skills.What ever price they say directly say 40% of that price and go till max 50-60℅ of the price. The port is open at 4 pm in evening and 8 am in the morning.You can go to fort for some amazing sunset.Then we went to anjarle at a home-stay which is just some  100meters away from the anjarle beach. The person who owns this homestay is Mr Balu Jadhav(9404799340/8805069892), you can go in anjarlee and ask for this person.We gave all the fish which we purchased to him to cook. He made some awesome fish fry and curry too. By that time we got fresh and went to the beach for enjoying in the water.The water is very clean and slope of the beach is also very good with no sudden trench. Then the guy arranged a bornfire next to the beach where we had fun and food.We then went for a long walk along the beach. Full moon light...Sea waves...slow breeze... what else can you ask for...It was an awesome atmosphere...
The Fish Auction that happens everyday morning and evening so do check it out to buy fresh fish at lesser rates.
It was an awesome day back in 2013, when we had been to a Kokan bike expedition. Harnai was one of the destinations. It was time when the water level was less & we could walk on the 'bandstand' of the Kanakdurga fort. Water on the the rocky stage was giving a mirror look to the place & the waves hitting the rocks in front were looking really awesome & we took this picture.