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Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls area unit one amongst the foremost stunning water falls in not solely Uttarakhand, rather the total of Asian country. swallowed by high mountain cliffs Associate in Nursing settled at an altitude of regarding 4500 feet on top of the ocean level, the falls gift Associate in Nursing amazing see the water falls down from a high altitude then splits into 5 streams. . This widespread holidaymaker location attracts crowd from everywhere the country. Kempty Falls was established as a picnic spot by British officer John Mekinan, around 1835. It’s believed that, the name ‘Kempty’ may be a derivation of the ‘Camp-Tea’, the tea parties that British won’t to organize here. Settled on the rough pathway of Uttarakhand, Kempty Falls area unit strikingly stunning.Generally, Kempty Falls is crowded with tourists, but after stepping across the lines along the flow of the stream, you may found a rocky corral formed naturally by the streams.
Aabdika Sharma
After Kempty falls, we took an alternate route back. This route was a comparatively untapped and offered some spectacular views. On the route we also met the majestic Yamuna Bridge.
sourabh suman
After spending sometime there we had lunch.This place was very cool and good place to relax.The quality of food in mountains was awesome, every-time wherever we had food that was awesome.
sourabh suman
The Kempty falls was ultimate and the temperature of water was chilling. Despite of chilling water we decided to take a dip into splashing water of kempty falls.If someone visits Kempty falls he must take a dip in the water.There are various outlets present there who provide changing rooms , clothes and towels on rent.After shower it was refreshing and it was awesome experience in life.
Swati Tiwari
Kempty FallsAs we started riding down to Kempty falls from Mall road (dirt everywhere), I started hearing beautiful sounds of water. The library end of Mall road is crowded and the roads are not in very good condition in the city. But, once you move out it’s all worth it. We took the Gondola ride to reach Kempty falls. The falls are beautiful and the water flowing down is pure Mountain water from the mountains. The water was so damn cold and I visited in November so it was chilling bone wrecking cold. There are many swimsuit rental shops but I won’t advice that to anyone because these shops didn’t look clean to me. Take your own swimming clothes and put the clothes and belonging in the lockers. That’s better than renting bathing suits from the shops. I was cold so I decided not to go in the water and enjoy the beauty while sipping my Adrak wali chai.
Neha jain
The next destination was Company garden. From kempty falls, we headed towards comany garden and in between, we stopped at a place and had our lunch which we had brought with us from home. After having lunch we started for company garden. It was a beautiful place. really very beautiful. There was an entry fees of appx Rs 20 per head. I had got totally crazy when i had entered the garden. There was a fine fragrance of the flowers which was very soothe. It was a place where i could have stayed forever among the flowers. Simply beautiful, colorful, very well clean and maintained, A must Visit. Although, i never wanted to leave, we had too. After roaming there for 2 hrs, we left for City. In between we were struck in jam hence we girls got out of car and walked towards Mall Road.
Malhar Lakdawala
We reached Kempty Falls by evening 6 o'clock, as expected it was quite crowded. The area seemed a good outing for families staying nearby. They have also set up a rope-way, which takes you to the bottom of the fall, where one can enjoy more. Though overall things seemed bit commercialized.
Damini Aggarwal
Kempty Falls is a major tourist attraction of Mussorie, take a dip in the splashing cold water and be energised. Nearby small shops provide clothes, tubes and have facilities for food. However, over time the place has become crowded, the fall is reduced in size and trash is present everywhere. Due to commercialisation, a lot of hotels have been built around the area, reducing the beauty of falls.
Ridhima Shukla
Too crowded for my liking.
Karanbir singh
Believe me kempty fall is nothing in front of tigerfall.
Smiti Maini
This is another over-hyped and worth-a-miss place in Mussoorie. I went there only once and absolutely hated it. It is so commercialized and full of tourists that it really disappointed me. I would prefer Bhatta Falls over Kempty Falls any day.