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Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls area unit one amongst the foremost stunning water falls in not solely Uttarakhand, rather the total of Asian country. swallowed by high mountain cliffs Associate in Nursing settled at an altitude of regarding 4500 feet on top of the ocean level, the falls gift Associate in Nursing amazing see the water falls down from a high altitude then splits into 5 streams. . This widespread holidaymaker location attracts crowd from everywhere the country. Kempty Falls was established as a picnic spot by British officer John Mekinan, around 1835. It’s believed that, the name ‘Kempty’ may be a derivation of the ‘Camp-Tea’, the tea parties that British won’t to organize here. Settled on the rough pathway of Uttarakhand, Kempty Falls area unit strikingly stunning.Generally, Kempty Falls is crowded with tourists, but after stepping across the lines along the flow of the stream, you may found a rocky corral formed naturally by the streams.
Chaitrali Patkar
On our second day in Mussoorie, we were informed that the resort, in Tehri Garhwal, we were supposed to shift to was having some internal technical issues and therefore our shift had to be delayed by two days. Regardless, we took a cab to Kempty Falls and spent 3 hours just sitting with our feet dipped in the ice cold water of the falls and enjoying the serenity of nature surrounding us. We then went on to Mussoorie lake, which was quite a disappointment, to be honest. We bought a 15 minutes slot to boat around and got bored in 10. We decided to deal with the accommodation problem later in the day. Thankfully, we didn’t have to do anything since the resort manager called to inform us that we were being relocated to a hotel in Dehradun for two days after which we could shift to the resort. It worked just fine for us since we were ready to face whatever challenges came our way. We never assumed it would be all unicorns and rainbows anyway.
Vidhi Bubna
Offbeat place 6: Kempty falls -
Deepika Vaidya
Kempty Falls was developed as a tourist destination in 1835 by John Mekinan. It is 13 km away from Mussoorie but still is one of the main tourist attractions of this place . The falls a totally worth the 13 km long car drive . You can enjoy a pleasant afternoon taking a dip in the water and uncer the falls with friends and family .
Ragul P G
Kempty Falls and Lake Mist:
Aabdika Sharma
After Kempty falls, we took an alternate route back. This route was a comparatively untapped and offered some spectacular views. On the route we also met the majestic Yamuna Bridge.