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Mysore Maharajah's Palace (Amba Vilas)

This palace which was the seat of the Wodeyar kings was rebuilt in the year 1912 by an English architect named Henry Irwin as the original one was destroyed of fire in 1897. This palace is one of the best examples not only of the Edwardian Raj Era but also of Indian Royal architecture. The beautiful kaliedoscope of stained glass enhanced with the wood carved doors and mosaic floors is exquisite undoubtedly. The museum of weapons is a must visit along with the part of the palace where you see a number of beautifully carved statues and paintings referring to the life of Mysore in that era.The palace is lit up with hundreds of bulbs every evening from 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM and the whole evening on public holidays. This is when you get a more extravagant view of this royal beauty.
Milind Prajapati
This palace is so grand in its proportions and beauty that it looks like it sprung out of a fairytale. The interiors of the palace are intricately designed and adorned with ornate ceilings. There are jeweled corridors, stained glass windows, open mandaps, and also a jeweled throne. The best time to visit this palace is during the Dussehra festival.
The Benjabi Affair
Monica Dinesh Kumar
In front of the clock tower is the pride of Karnataka- THE MYSORE PALACE which attracts large number of people from around the world. It being an incredible man made edifice depicts India' complex and intriguing past. The palace having 4 gates should be entered by southern gate only. The huge palace has ambari which is taken to processions during Mysore Dusheherra during which the palace comes into life.Entry fee: ₹100/personDuration: 1- 1:30mins Location: Chamrajpura
Mysore Palace, KarnatakaMysore Palace is the central piece of Mysore's attractions. The sprawling Mysore Palace is located in the heart of Mysore city. Rather the roads out of Mysore city appears radiating from the palace.The interior of Mysore Palace is richly carved, intricate, colorful and architecturally thrilling.It is from this palace the erstwhile rulers , the Wodeyars, ruled the Mysore Kingdom (see Maharajas of Mysore ).Though Mysore is often referred to as the "City of Palaces", the term Mysore Palace refers to the largest and the most opulent of all its surviving palaces located in the city center, called the Amba Vilas Palace.Mysore Palace  history spans for  more than 500 years.  But what you see now in Mysore is the modern palace built in 1912. As mentioned earlier the first palace was built during 14th century by the then Wodeyar kings.The central portion of the palace is a huge court open to the sky. Beyond is the royal Marriage Hall (Kalyana Mantapa ) , the most awe-inspiring portion of the palace. The five storied tower of the palace makes a majestic dome over this hall.The walls along the corridors are decorated with oil paintings of royal themes. A host of ceremonies and festivals of the bygone era is depicted in these painting in all its vividness and details.