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Nazca Lines

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Legend has it that the mysterious Nazca lines of Peru were created by ancient Nazca people for visiting Aliens in their strange air crafts. Nazca images were symbols for communicating with landing craft and landing strips were created along with the symbols. I come to believe it is true, however I am not sure if the Aliens did land on those landing strips made by these ancient Nazca people. The lines were constructed impeccably by clearing off shallow rock debris on this dry desert plains, the lines were so shallowly created that I couldn’t believe you can see it from the air. This has been one of the places I had always wanted to visit since I was a young kid after reading all the conspiracy theories in supernatural magazines. It was the low season, and unfortunately not all the aircraft companies were open, the price for a short 30mins was us$150, it was usually us$90 when all the companies were competing with each other. The plane circled a few times around each line, from above some of the lines could be barely made out because of the constant erosion by vehicles crossing the desert. 30minutes was a pretty short time, but it was worth the cost of visiting these lines which could possibly be destroyed with more human activities in the Nazca deserts.
Within an hour after booking our flight over the Nazca lines we already boarded a little cessna to fly over the desert and spot the mysterious figures referred to as the Nazca Lines. The lines depict among others a monkey, a whale, hummingbirds, a human figure and a spider. Ever since their discovery a lot of speculations and theories have been developed regarding their creation and the reason for their existence. Some scholars believe that they have been created around 400-650 A D and that due to the dry climate and the isolation of the place, the lines have been preserved till today. From religious significance to irrigation schemes to giant maps, everything has been proposed but not much is proved to be true. Everything said, they make an impressive sight.