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5 Days
Bike and hike to Machu Picchu, Peru

Biking through Inca trailFurther down Inca trailSmall town of Aguas CalientesHiking in the heartl...

15 Days
Culture & Adventure: Traveling In Peru

Our one year travel across South America started with this question- "What would you do if y...

10 Things That You Can Do In Peru, Besides Machu Pichu

I sat there waiting for the curtain of mist to draw away, so I could get that one picture of the ...

Neha Bhuchar
11 Days
10 Days Getaway in Peru: The Amazon Jungle & Machu

This is a ten day tour that starts off deep in the Amazon Jungle, followed by a trip to see ...

Totally-Latin America
What you need to know before traveling to Peru?

I have a short attention span and find it difficult to read big blogs. In order for people like m...

Lemuel Dsouza

Top Places To Visit in Peru

12. Now Lima being the capital city of Peru apart from being historically very significant, there are many places to vis...
There are three ways to visit Machu Picchu all originating in Cusco, the erstwhile capital of the once-mighty Inca Empir...
Spot a Condor in Arequipa: An overnight journey from Nasca will take you to Arequipa. Arequipa is the second largest cit...
There is so much more to Peru, than Machu Pichu. I have tried to highlight a few of them by means of this blog. Ofcourse...

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