South America Tourism & Travel Guide

Nestled between the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, South America is the wilder of the Americas, and a continent of superlatives.
Best time to visit South America is from July to March

Trips and Itineraries for South America

76 Days in South America on a budget

Quite a few friends have been asking about my recent trip to South America, and how I can afford ...

Take Your First International Trip In 2018: Here's A South America Itinerary For 2 Under ₹50,000

From La Boca in Argentina and Christ The Redeemer in Brazil to Machu Picchu in Peru, witness the ...

Prateek Dham
Backpacker’s secret: How to not get robbed in South America

There are two things, in my opinion, that keeps people from traveling – safety and expenses...

Neha Bhuchar
48 Days
From equator to antarctic circle of South America ~ BUENOS AIRES

Well, usually most of the people who travel to South America would usually head towards machu pi...

karen yang
From equator to antarctic circle of South America  ~ La Paz

Took a flight from BA and straight into Bolivia ~ Well as a noob in SA, i didnt expect the fligh...

karen yang
3 Days
From equator to antarctic circle of South America ~  San Pedro De Atacama (Chile)

The high quantities of quartz and copper in the region gives their people positive energy and go...

karen yang

Top Places To Visit in South America

Sao Paulo
The financial heartbeat of the nation. It has couple of good museums, an alley with cool graffiti, and a local market se...
Buenos Aires
One of the most passionate football cities in the world, Buenos Aires has borne and nurtured many legends in football; o...
Rio de Janeiro
How to travelOne can either opt for independent travel or for packaged tours. The nearest airports are Manaus or Rio De ...
Travel Tips: Beware of the taxi drivers in Santiago because they can easily dupe you if they come to know that you are a...
So when my husband and I set off on an indefinite overland adventure starting in Colombia, I had trouble letting go of t...
12. Now Lima being the capital city of Peru apart from being historically very significant, there are many places to vis...

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