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Khushboo Motihar
To be closer to Nature
Tushar Adivarekar
The weather was quite cold. after reaching panvel i headed to Panvel ST Stand, from depo there are many MSRTC Buses toward pali with frequency of 1hr. I don't recommend to travel from panvel to pali. instead you can take a bus from khopoli which has more frequent buses toward pali.
seema navale
Again Thanks to Maa, Reshi and Yogesaa for lonavala memory.
Ram Shankar
Day 2 - September 18 2015:I had planned to ride off to Daman on Day 2. The day was a bit gray and I was in no mood to ride out early. I took a small walk upto the Kolhapur bus-stand and decided to get my "beard-moustache" designed before beginning my journey. I left the hotel at 9 AM and continued my journey across a "new" highway that i had never been to before. It was 1:30 PM when I was on the outskirts of Pune.There was a little rain throughout the journey to Pune, until on the outskirts where it started getting heavy. I went riding through the city and stopped for fuel, when the rain was really harsh. The entire luggage and I were completely soaked. Braving the heavy downpour, i decided to continue to Daman via Mumbai.As I exited Pune, about 30 kms outside the city there was a huge traffic jam on the Mumbai-Pune highway. Since two-wheelers are not allowed on the expressway, I had to take the NH4 old highway. A river (Indrayani was the name, not sure) was overflowing due to the heavy downpour and running across the highway. At the first junction, the water cleared in an hours time and some vehicles managed to get to the other side of the flooded junction and the journey continued. When crossing the road by wading through the water, the luggage opened up and my bags fell down. A few people helped to pick up the motorcycle, the bags and also helped to tie it up.After getting to the other side of the junction, the journey continued, but for barely 5 kms and there was another "flood" across the highway. I spotted a small dhaba and parked my motorcycle in a shade parking. The rain continued to beat down and I did not have a choice but to wait for it to reduce. around the same time, traffic started piling up near the dhaba. When enquired, the locals mentioned about another "flood" across the highway. This time the traffic had piled up for almost 7 kms. there was no way i could reach Daman that day. I even tried to take a deviation towards Nashik and head to Daman, which i had to change later as the rain was pretty bad on that stretch and the distance was more. I would've reached past midnight if I had gone by that route.At the same dhaba, until 7 PM, and having nothing to do, I simply had to wait for the water to clear off the highway. During this "waiting' period, I befriended one "Arun" who was working in Pune, but riding back to Mumbai to meet his family. A brief talk with him ensured that I wasn't alone or bored for those "dreadly" 4 hours. Once the road and traffic jam got cleared, we continued. The rain had gone down, but it was continuously drizzling and we reached Lonavala by 8 PM. Arun and I had Kachori and Samosa, before heading towards Mumbai.We reached Panvel at around 9:30 PM and I was already tired. I desperately wanted to get to a hotel and settle down for the day. Arun helped me to find a hotel and settle down, at 10:15 PM, before heading home. I had travelled about 390 kms and about 13 hours overall, with 4 hours of "waiting" for the water to clear.The entire luggage, including my laptop was soaked and I had to unravel everything to "dry" until the next day.
We started late on Saturday, almost in the evening. It took us just over an hour to reach Panvel station which was to be our starting point. Having negotiated a tum-tum for 600 rupees, he agreed to drop us at the base of the fort, a village called Thakurwadi. It was an easy climb to the top, though it had some parts wherein the natural roads had partially caved in. It barely took us two hours to reach the top (of the plateau). All the while, we could see specks of flashing lights in the trees around us.