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Nehru Park

Situated in the famous area of Chanakyapuri Enclave in the heart of the city, this park is spread over 80 hectares of land. This park was built in 1969 as a memorial of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This is still a place where the Morning and Evening Raga festivals are organized along with the Annual Bhakti Festival. Apart from these there is also a beautiful Shiva Temple inside the park and the park is a favorite of many people here. The garden also has a life size alloy statue of the October Revolution leader Vladimir Lenin. The place is ideal for a winter afternoon hangout and is a must visit for anyone who visits the city.
Sreshti Verma
A second timer in the lot, the 10 Heads Festival made many fans last year. And now they are back again with some head-turning food and cultural selections. Do note that Foodistan is only a small part of the 10 Head Festival – it also includes stuff on the culture, music and fashion of Delhi.
Kirti Gupta
Jazz Music Festival at Nehru Park It was around 6:45 when I was just leaving from Hauz Khas village, I just checked my Times of India app and got to know that the annual Jazz Music Festival was going on in Nehru Park. I had heard of this event in 2013 from some of my friends and did not wanted to miss this year's chance. So as my friend went home , I took an auto till Nehru park and reached soon after the event had started. There were various Indian and foreign Jazz music bands , which were playing that night. The event does not have any tickets or charges but still there is no unwanted crowd and the park is decorated in a very romantic way. The seats were full , so I stood for some time, then I got a seat but I left it after sometime to struggle my way and reach the group sitting on ground just in front of the stage. I thank myself that I joined that group as that was the crowd which was really enjoying the music and there just for music. A big banyan tree fully covered with beautiful lights and underneath it a band playing fantastic Jazz music , what else could anyone want?? That evening was totally magical and so meditative. There are other events also like shastriya sangeet music etc held every year in Nehru Park.