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Explore North Korea
Kaesong is a beautiful city with a long history situated at the middle west of Korea. From old times it has been called as "Songak" or "Songdo" for many evergreen pine trees and fantastic rocks. Kaesong was the capital of Koryo (918-1392), first unified state on the Korean peninsula and its a city on the demarcation line which bisects a country and a nation. It is divided in an old and a new city areas. Touring includes a city tour, Panmunjom, King Kongmin's Mausoleum, the Concrete Wall and Pankyon Falls. As it was the capital of Koryo, it has varieties of historical remains and relics.
Josh Thomas
We went down to the DMZ from the North Side. If you've ever been to the DMZ from the South, you know that they have a long list of rules regarding what you can or can't do. Not so from the North. They give you beer, they let you take photos of anything you want, you can explore quite a bit. Then you go stay in a hotel by the border. All around good time.