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Ankit Maheshwari
Prasanna Vee
Overall, It was a super short but memorable trip. Would I return in the foreseeable future? Probably not. But, would I recommend this trip to other fellow explorers? Hell, yes! Anyong Hasaeyo….
Once a year inside the Hermit Kingdom, the government of North Korea opens up it’s doors, if only slightly, for foreigners to come in and run Pyongyang city. While you may get a false glimpse of what life is like north of the border it’s something to say you’ve stepped over into this mysterious nation. Of course, expect changes from the advertised route and tight regulations within the country. There’s a lot of fine print on their official website and even the dates of the event are subject to change last minute as per the demands of the Eternal General Secretary of the Party, Kim Jong-Il.
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Pyongyang is the capital of the DPRK. It is the heart f the socialist Korea.It is located in the middle of the north western part of the Korean peninsula. it is divided in 18 administrative districts and 1 county with population of over 2 million. the capital has been called as one of the "8 Scenic Wonders of Korea" for its Taedong and its branches harmonizing with hills like Manyyong and Moran create a whole wonderland. it is the cradle of Korean nation and cultures as well as the capital city of Kojoson (Ancient Korea) about 5000 years ago and that of koguryo, the powerful state of orient. Pyongyang is richer in Monumental structures including the Grand monument on Mansu Hill and the Tower of Juche Idea.
Charu Mittal
The capital city is close to most attractions and also the most westernised in terms of food and accommodation options. It was the first option for us to set up base camp here. There are wide isolated well maintained roads. Its like stepping back in time, and the whole thing is surreal. You are not allowed to interact with locals, but they will view you with wide-eyed curiosity so be prepared for the attention. They are not used to tourists, so be mindful of your behaviour. It is here that you witness first-hand the last stronghold of 20th century socialism on this insulated Asian peninsula.