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Ocean's 11

Kristi Keller
There is no “nutshell” to describe Oceans 11. I’ll give you the important details first. Its located in the western end of Ocho Rios, if you want to find it EVERYONE knows where it is. The cover charge is $200 JMD but essentially its free because with your admission you get a $200 voucher to put towards your tab. They serve a variety of food and alcohol. For $600 JMD (approx $8.50 US) you get a whole bottle of Appleton and a bottle of Pepsi, with some cups and ice. What a deal! Liquid courage so you can get up and sing later. They have a huge assortment of North American songs to sing, along with popular reggae tunes. Oceans 11 is outdoors and sits on the waterfront, a really nice atmosphere.