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B e e Fall Road

Yash Menghani
So how could this place be described, it was an awesome time their,getting your back hit with those stones like huge water Droplets coming with a very fast speed from the top !The struggle to reach there -1. We didn't Get a jeep which was essential to reach as we couldn't walk in KMs and then think of enjoying. But we finally got it after walking a bit. 2. The jeep takes you to the Mini fall and to reach bee fall,you have to get down passing through many unusual steps ! The main task is to get back from there. ( More than 200 steps ) But it was worth !THE JOURNEY WAS A MAGNIFICENT EXPERIENCE !
Harleen Kalsi
Not so far from this celebration of history, we visited the B-fall. It was a scintillating gush of narrow stream down the craggy rocks from a great height of 150ft. Though one thing one couldn’t escape was the crowd swarming in for a bath under the falls that I wanted to assume were performing their simple ablutions, anyhow the view became quite frustrating then. These journeys call out for more and as long as the natural gifts hold their stand, we shall admire and cherish them with the same amount of enthusiasm.