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Palasdev Temple

About the path: There is no path... You have to ride through the Ujani Reservoir's river bed. The journey through dry/green grass and mud was so much fun. The ride was bumpy but exciting. Then we reached the temple after some serious scouting in the river bed. Although we were excited and happy to see an age old structure, we were disappointed by the acts of people who climbed up the temple and posing for the camera and also the people who tried to take down the dead trees around the temple. But again, we were not there to see these guys but to relax ourselves from the boredom and escape city life. We enjoyed our time there clicking as many photos as we can without people in the frame. Then on our way we did get stuck in the river bed due to loose ground and we throttled our way up to the highways, where we kind of cleaned the mud that was present all over the motorcycles.