Bombay Coffee Roasters

Moulika Danak
The cosy shade through the luring wooden widows will play peek-a-book with you through this wall painted like the mock Portugal tiles . And boy, you have all the reasons to step inside this urban setting of utmost comfort, all the more if you are seeking rest.Upon entering Bombay Coffee Roasters, the smell of a refreshing cuppa sent a wave of leisure even before I found comfort in its cosy couch. As I found my snuggly side by the window side, I threw a glance around to find a few visitors hanging out in solitude with their laptops and Ipads, blending well with the tranquillity of the place.While the number of items on the menu couldn't spoil me for choice, the homemade feel of delicious yummies sure left me asking for more. Without even a hint of realisation, I spent three to four hours engrossed in a Nick Hornby-world sipping Mulberry tea (which, btw, goes really well with their lemon-blueberry tart). The place acted as a refreshing halt for the latter half of the day.