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Chorao Island

Shivam Sehgal
If you find yourself suffocated in the touristy crowds of North Goa - Chorao Island is your escape route. An island along the Mandovi River near Ilhas, it is the largest among other 17 islands of Goa. Take a ferry from Ribandar and arrive at the island. You can ride a scooty to this village as well and witness the panoramic view of the whitewashed village churches and picturesque Portuguese homes on the way.
Leena S.
We are visiting a quaint, virgin island about 10 kms from the main city - CHORAO
Siddharth Sujan
Nikhita Biswas
From Anjuna, we headed towards Chorao Islands at somewhere about 3pm at noon. It was an hour ride from Anjuna Beach (29.3 km). The route as directed by Google maps was undeniably stunning. Almost after half an hour in the ride, you can see brooks of Mandovi River flowing along the road. Since, it was the rice harvesting season, we could see many farmers cutting crops and laying them on the roadside for the rice to soak some sun. It was a delightful sight. Women farmers were dressed in their local native dresses topped with a matching head gear. So, Chorao Island is the one where Salim Bird Sanctuary is located, just on the border of the Chorao Island facing Mandovi River. You need to buy tickets to enter the Salim Bird Sanctuary. You can buy snacks and water from the nearby food stalls surrounding the entrance. However, this was not our ultimate destination and we were stopped at the river since there were no roads ahead. You can only cross the river in a ferry which comes in every 5 minutes. We hadn’t imagined Chorao Island to be something like this. We had more of a Phi Phi Island kinda image. Want some free advice? Do not Google places in Goa because it’s pretty messed up and at the end of the search you get the same image results for different searches. In my case, it made Chorao have blue waters than the actual shade of muddy brown waters. Also, you will find a local shop on the route who can sell you petrol in a bottle so one need not worry if he/she is a little careless about filling tanks.